HK Marriage registration by civil celebrants: marry by marriage lawyers for $1900. Hotline: 82099999

Civil Celebrants of Marriages solemnize your legal marriage

We have over 20 lawyers who are appointed Civil Celebrants of Marriages. They may provide marriage solemnization services on a legally recognised marriage held in Hong Kong. Places may include the wedding halls at our offices, hotel ballroom or restaurant.  Many wedding couples come to us by reason of our easy access and nice wedding hall decoration. Those having the wedding gone through at our office premises may just wear casual dresses attended by their closest friends and relatives. Of course, many also choose to have a more formal wedding. They dress in wedding dresses, exchange wedding rights etc. In any event, grooms will kiss the brides and make vows to each other. We issue you a valid and legally recognised Marriage Certificate/License immediately after the signing ceremony.

11 decorated wedding halls as your choice

Our civil celebrants handle hundreds of weddings each month and have handled thousands of weddings in the past. They are well experienced and familiar with the entire process.  Intending marrying couple can attend one of our 14 offices during office hours without the need of making a prior appointment. They may sign the notice of intended marriage on the same day. Because the entire process is handled by us, they need not line up at the Government's Marriage Registry. Nor they have to compete for "red lucky" days. You have 11 decorated wedding halls as your choice.

Marriages celebrated at our  offices during office hours is $1900 (lowest) in total. Couple has to pay additionally if wedding held at non-office hours and if either of them is under 18. For no commitment and free enquiry, please call 82099999

Outdoor Sky Garden in Mongkok

Romantic, Rare and Economical ! Low Fee: $2200. RESERVE NOW by Mobile/WhatsAPP 94899800
This is unprecedented as it is an outdoor wedding hall locating at the urban centre in Mongkok Kowloon. We call it a #Sky Garden.

To reserve, please call or WhatsApp 94899800.

Charges: weekdays office hours $2200. For indoor wedding halls, the charge is $1900 ONLY.
Saturday afternoon, Sundays or Public Holidays $2900.

Fees have included use of the hall and marriage registration. All are inclusive of Government fees of $305.

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