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Since August 2001, our lawyers have represented more than 10,000 debtors in filing their self-bankruptcy petitions with Courts in Hong Kong.

The reputable web-site on personal bankruptcy applications (Chinese) has been featured by over 10 local and international newspapers or magazines, including Reuters, BBC and Le Monde. Our lawyers of the personal bankruptcy team have also been interviewed by TVB, ATV, Cable TV, RTHK, Commercial Radio and MetroRadio Broadcast on debt or bankruptcy subjects on many occasions.

Self-bankruptcy in many situations may be the best option to solve one's debt problems.

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$14500, inclusive our legal fees, Court fee and Official Receiver's deposit

Alternative to Bankruptcy: debt relief plan (DRP)

If you do dont wish to go bankrupt, you may find you suitable for debt relief plan (DRP): check out at 9DRP.COM. We have handled over 2000 debt restructuring cases since 2002 (DRP or IVA).


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