Your legal rights: what you don't do when having an injury accident?

Here is what not to do if you have been injured in an accident:

  • Do not wait to file your insurance claim.
  • Do not wait to file a police report and retrieve a copy.
  • Do not settle with insurance companies without legal advice. It is the business of insurance companies to try to minimize monetary settlements. Some adjusters will visit you in the hospital. Many have been trained to express sympathy while noting comments that could potentially damage your case.
  • When speaking to doctors or any healthcare practitioners, tell them when you feel physical pain. Avoid speculating about the extent or severity of your injuries. Your medical records are admissible as evidence in your case.
  • Do not wait to gather contact information and/or statements from witnesses to your accident. Witnesses are most effective when they are still emotional and your accident is fresh in their minds. Memories fade, people move away or simply decide that they are no longer interested in helping with your case.
  • Be extremely suspicious of anyone who tell you don’t need a lawyer.
  • Reject the help of any so-called "claims recovery agent". They aim at sharing a huge amount of your compensation without too much work.
  • You need to retain a reputable personal injury lawyer if you hope to receive a fair monetary settlement for your injuries.